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I'll use this space to tell you a story on how we created our first cookie. Back when Kelly and I thought of creating Bella's Cookies, we knew that the first cookie we needed to come out with was a Chocolate Chunk cookie ... chunk, not chips ... chunks are much cooler than chips. When we first started baking cookies, we'd follow some time honored recipes, then we'd go out and buy cookies from supermarkets, bakeries, order from online companies, etc. We wanted to get cookies from established cookie companies and compare their cookies to ours. I'd put 4 cookies in separate plastic bags and label them A B C and D, then I'd put them all in a brown paper bag with a scorecard that rated the cookies on look, shape, taste, smell and overall quality. I'd drop off a bag of cookies to many ... many ... many clients of mine and come back in the next couple days to pick up the scorecard. I'd never tell people which cookies were ours and which were from other companies. I entered all the rating information in a database. We'd bake more cookies, refine the recipes, bake more, refine more, etc ... until we started seeing our cookies pulling way ahead of everyone else. At this point, we just distributed our cookies, but I'd still never tell people that it was only our cookies in the bag. After 75 recipes, "Champion Chunk" was born ... the winner, named accordingly and a fantastic creative tale to go along with it. You'll be able to read every cookie story on our new website, which should be up by late October. It's ... but you already knew that.